AM to PM with James Eades

By Anita Jaynes on 19 July, 2016

A one day working diary from rise and shine to lights out.

Every Tuesday we delve into the day-to-day diary of a member of the local business community. This week we put the spotlight on James Eades, managing director of Systemagic.

Systemagic provides IT support, cloud services and internet connectivity solutions to growing businesses in the Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset areas. The company won the Micro Employer of the Year in the Bristol and Bath Apprentice Awards and last year James was shortlisted as Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Bath Business Awards. The company’s headquarters are at Waterhouse, Monkton Combe.

What time does your alarm go off?

6.30 except at weekends when it’s 7.

What’s the first thing you do?

I use the first half hour to catch up on the news, social media and emails – it’s amazing how much happens in the world while you’re asleep!

What do you do for lunch?

Usually sandwiches but if I’m out and about I like variety, searching out an independent café or coffee shop when I can. It’s almost always eaten at my desk while working or on the go which isn’t good for you!

What do you love most about your job?

Working with such a variety of clients – ours are very diverse and it’s brilliant to get to work in so many different sectors.

What’s the worst part of the job?

I’m not sure there is one – the benefit of running your own business is that you can make sure that the worst bits are made better.

What executive tool/ gadget could you not live without?

This would 100% be my phone – it lets me keep in touch with clients, the team and the outside world wherever I am.

What do you do after work?

I have an 18 month of daughter so evenings revolve around her, but I also like to fit in a bit of time in the garden when I can.

If you changed direction, what would be your Plan B?

I have a keen interest in business psychology and have studied personality profiling and how understanding yourself and others can improve business. I’d be interested to explore that area if I needed a Plan B – a bit of a departure from IT!

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