Is it me?

By Anita Jaynes on 21 November, 2022

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Over the years, John Davies’ Is it me? has become a favourite of The Business Exchange for its wit and camaraderie. This time, John’s on the defence and attack and fighting for a new world order when it comes to nationality and the beautiful game…

It’s a funny old thing being British isn’t it. We’re a bit of a strange nation in many ways. We’re brits, but at the same time we’re English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh. It’s weird when you think about it. I know that there are other countries with similar delineations, take the United States for example, one country made up of 50 states and all have their own identity but its not quite the same is it? For many of us our nationality goes some way to defining who we are. I’m Welsh and I love being Welsh. I’d go so far as to say that ‘I bloody loves it I do’, when it comes to my nationality. Which brings me to a bit of a live dilemma.

I was recently talking to my kids about the upcoming football world cup. We were discussing the fact that in my lifetime Wales have never reached the world cup finals until now. I then presumed that both of my kids would be supporting Wales in the competition, but to my surprise, one of them said he’d be supporting England. After getting up off the floor and quickly re-writing my last will and testament I pushed my questioning a little further. It turns out that as far as rugby is concerned he’s Welsh through and through, but when it comes to football he prefers the lion to the dragon. What’s that all about? Is that even allowed? Can you have a foot in both camps? In fairness my kids were born in England, but as religion and science both agree, the nationality of the child is governed by the weight of the parent………therefore my kids are two thirds Welsh and I kind of expected them to behave as such.

I must admit to being pretty taken aback. Had I failed as a Welsh parent? My wife is English, half of my family are English, and I live and work in England so should I really be surprised, and does it really matter. Well I can tell you now that the answers are yes and yes!! I’ve decided to resort to sub-conscious brain washing, so since the football conversation I’ve been piping the Stereophonics, Dame Shirley and Sir Tom around the house and we’ve only been eating lamb, rarebit and welsh cakes. I’m thinking of painting the walls red and we’ve changed the name of our dog to Glyndwr. Lets hope it works out….

 It does make you question how the whole thing works though. For me, when it comes to sport I’m Welsh, full on, no questions asked, but for life in general I’m British. When it comes to other things, despite Brexit, I consider myself European. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit here but I am curious to know whether anyone else has had this issue crop up? Am I being unfair? The one thing my son and I can both agree on is that we’re delighted to have won the Cricket World Cup and as I explained to both of my kids the reason the cricket team are playing so well is that they’ve taken a huge amount of influence from the legend that is Robert Croft.

John Davies, 
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