Is it me?

By Anita Jaynes on 28 July, 2022

Over the years, John Davies’ Is it me? has become a favourite of The Business Exchange for its wit and camaraderie. This time, John’s returned to his political poetry.

TBE Partnership with Thrings

Oh dear Mr. Johnson I guess it came at last
Despite the bullish bluster, you can’t escape your past
I thought we’d be together for a few more years to come
But Sky News got it right when they said your race was run
Although your time at Number 10 has ended in a quick exit
You did make lots of headlines and you did deliver Brexit
I think of you quite often now when queuing for a plane
And I am a little jealous of the speedy Euro lane

It really is quite tricky when reflecting on your time
Many people love you, but just as many think of crime
You guided us through Covid and you got us jabbed and boosted
But you couldn’t help yourself sometimes, those hens came back and roosted
Your support for our Ukrainian friends will always be supported
But your wall-paper and porky pies just made your truth distorted
Party gate was bad enough, and then some parties more
Gatherings with wine and cheese, behind that famous door

As your booze was guzzled, just ten mourners for my Dad
No hymns to sing, no-wake to laugh, it makes me bloody mad
For that I can’t forgive you, I suspect I never will
For me and many families, it’s quite the bitter pil
And yet with our friend Rishi, you furloughed and you foughtYou saved a lot of businesses, we praised you for that thought
At times in the pandemic, your strength gave much light
Churchillian in lots of ways, an optimist so bright

So you see you are a quandary, neither black nor white
Some bold touches of brilliance, some shocking oversight
And now you’ve gone and left us with a fight amongst your troops
All your former generals now promising tax loopsTightening our borders, pushing back on wokeEasing cost of living, making Russia choke
These are all the promises, no sitting on the fences
And as for you our Boris, well enjoy those warm back benches

John Davies, 
Senior Corporate Partner, Thrings


t: 01793 412634