How to make savings on your Christmas shopping

By Anita Jaynes on 1 October, 2022

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Summer has bid us farewell and many of us can already feel the cold snap of Autumn. Some of us might also be planning for Christmas. The festive season is only three months away and with our jam-packed schedules and kids going back to school, it’ll be here in no time at all. In fact, shops have already started lining the shelves with festive treats! 

If you’re worried about the expenses coming your way, there are plenty of ways to manage your money, shop clever and still get the most out of this special time of the year. 

Only buy presents for people you really care about

It’s official: Christmas will be here in less than 100 days. If you want to avoid spending an absolute fortune in the coming weeks, start your planning now and spread the financial hit over a longer period of time. 

First things first, consider who you want to give gifts to and stick to it. Keep it to the close family, making sure to only spend money on siblings, parents, grandparents and treasured friends. You are not obliged to buy gifts for colleagues, extended family and distant friends. In turn, this makes the recipients feel pressured to buy you something in return, thus fuelling an endless cycle of gift-giving and unnecessary expense. 

Take advantage of discounts available

Christmas savings and offers have already started. If you spot a discount, take advantage of it before it disappears, even if it’s September and you think it’s far too early for Christmas shopping. Get even further ahead and wrap it and store it in a cupboard so you don’t have to think about it again until the big day. 

If you can’t find any offers in stores, look around online for other discounts, like Argos discount codes, that reward individuals in certain industries, and make the most of them whilst they’re still valid

Don’t always succumb to big, expensive brands

People love to splash out at Christmas and buy the best, but you don’t have to. And nothing divides families more than the issue of the turkey. Some want it with stuffing, some want it to be ultra-organic and others want it to come from highly expensive, specialty butchers. 

Don’t bow down to pressure. Buy whatever fits with your budget and make do. Most of the time, people can’t even taste the difference between a lower-brand and specialty turkey anyway. 

Replace presents with a gesture

Sometimes, a gesture or charitable donation can mean more than a gift bought at a store. Consider donating money to charity of the recipient’s choice. Not only are you supporting a cause that is close to their heart, but you are also helping someone in need and saving money whilst doing it.