How to improve Warehouse Operations

By Anita Jaynes on 22 December, 2021

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Managing warehouse operations is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency. The warehouse department is one of the biggest and most important in any business, often considered at the heart of the engine room. 

When operations aren’t running smoothly in a warehouse, it affects productivity and increases the risk of losing business from paying customers. If you are in charge of the warehouse in your company, you may benefit from these simple tips. 

Go Green and Lean

Lean warehouse operations refer to only utilising what is absolutely necessary for the warehouse and nothing more. Remove redundant packagings such as box peanuts, Styrofoam, and plastic. Part of incorporating a lean infrastructure is also getting away from the popular bulk buying. Only when sales move fast enough that bulk ordering becomes cheaper, should you go this route. Otherwise, order smaller quantities, and have deliveries processed more often. 

Going green can also help to improve warehouse operations because it requires more electronic management. Instead of printing hundreds of sheets of paper, a computer program manages everything with a nifty hand-held device that scans the packages. This reduces not only the business’s carbon footprint on the environment but also the footprint of paying customers.

Optimise the Current Space

Expanding your warehouse may seem like a good idea, but this is only if you have already utilised all the space to the maximum capacity. This includes vertical air space as well as floor space. There is no point in expanding the business if you have enough space, plus it will just be an added cost. Add storage units on top of one another and stack them as high as the ceiling will allow. Also, choose different size storage units based on the size of the item. 

For smaller items, place them lower to the ground where they are easy to find. For larger objects, use forklift trucks to get to the highest areas. You can find a variety of forklift truck options from Multy Lift. Based in the UK, this privately-owned business supplies a wide range of forklifts for different purposes. They also provide spare parts and mechanical servicing and repairs for all forklifts. 

Change Organisation Strategies

Usually, the best solution is the simplest one. What this means is that instead of reinventing the wheel with a brand new organisational strategy for warehouse operations, you should make your current system simpler. Some industries like fashion need to have complicated inventory management systems in place to ensure customer satisfaction, but most others don’t.

Understanding the business model is important to know how inventory moves in your warehouse, but as long as it is logical, it will work. When changing organisation strategy, consider how difficult it will be to teach a new employee the same process. If it is too tough to follow then you need to go back to the drawing board and create a better system.

Warehouse operations need to be efficient to be accurate and cost-effective. Improving warehouse efficiency is more about making logical and smart decisions because every warehouse will be different. There is no need to employ complicated packing systems if you follow these three steps first.