Five Practical Tips for Homeowners Moving House in 2022

By Anita Jaynes on 20 January, 2022

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Moving house is a pretty big deal. You may be caught up in all sorts of emotions if you have lived in your home for many years and you associate it with precious memories of times gone by. You may have spent lots of time and money renovating the home you’re leaving, and tearing yourself away from the place may seem strange. 

Moving house is widely thought to be one of the most stressful events you can go through in life, right up there with having a child and getting divorced. It can be an arduous task if you have a significant amount of household items to move, such as furniture, household appliances, electronic items, kitchenware, clothes, bathroom items and so on. Carry on reading to learn about five practical tips for homeowners on moving house in 2022.

Hire Temporary Storage Facility Space 

Buying and selling a home can sometimes be lengthy, with unforeseen delays not uncommon. You may be wondering where exactly you’re going to put all your possessions before you move into your new place, especially if you’ve been made aware the completion of your move is going to take longer than initially anticipated. A great solution to your storage needs when moving house is researching reliable storage containers options. Are you moving house in England soon? Companies like Jennings Containers & Storage in Oxfordshire provide a wide range of storage options, suitable for long and short term use. 

Decide Whether to Use a Professional Removal Firm or Do it Yourselves

Are you going to opt for using the services of a professional removal business? Or will you choose to be bold and get stuck in and do it independently? The only issue with the DIY approach to moving house is that if you’re moving alone, moving all your heavy possessions can be an uphill struggle, and you don’t want to end up doing your back in. Advantages of using a removal service include being able to move things more quickly, safely and trusting in the professionals to do their job. One disadvantage is that paying for the services of a removal company can be expensive. You ought to do your research and look at online customer reviews to check you will be able to rely on a removal firm to transport your precious household items across safely.

Many Hands Will Make Light Work

The more people you have helping you move, the better. Moving items such as heavy sofas can be virtually impossible on your own. If you have kids, then invite them to get involved to burn off some of their excess energy. Not to mention, they can help with organising belongings before and after the big move, which takes us to the final section in this piece. 

Have a Good Keep or Chuck Session Before Leaving

Choosing to chuck things you no longer use much when moving out is a wise idea. Consult your other household members on what they want to stay and what can go. You don’t have to throw all your unwanted goods in the skip, and if they are in reasonable condition, you can give them to charity shops, friends, and family, or sell them online.