Fascinating ways businesses are going green

By Anita Jaynes on 3 December, 2020

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As headlines keep hitting the news about the latest developments in climate change there is no better time to start making your business greener. This change not only benefits the environment but also can have a great impact on commercial success.

2020 has been a challenging year in many ways. The coronavirus pandemic has presented businesses with numerous challenges – but also some unique opportunities to change the way they operate.

 With sustainability in products and technology more in demand with consumers than ever, read on to find out how businesses are rising to the challenge of climate change.

Passive Housing

Passive Housing is an initiative that had its beginnings in Germany, developed by the Passivhaus Institute. Essentially this commits to the building of housing with strict energy-saving measures in mind.

This is a method of reducing emissions that is gaining popularity across Europe and has great benefits for homeowners and businesses alike, drastically reducing the amount spent on heating and cooling a home.

This is done by building houses that are meticulously insulated, meaning they require less energy to heat. This method can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and is gaining popularity fast.

Green Cemeteries

One way to go green that many may never have considered is by putting more planning and consideration into making our cemeteries greener. Combining the need for an aesthetically pleasing design, and meeting regulatory requirements for new and existing cemeteries has never been more important.

Cemetery planning is key to keeping our planet healthy for future generations, as space for cemeteries has been in growing demand as the world’s population continues to increase.

Fantastic work is being done in the sector to mitigate the impact that cemeteries and crematoria have on the environment. The CDS Group is on the cutting edge of cemetery design and planning that keeps the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

Carpool Schemes                                                                                              

Many companies out there looking to reduce their carbon footprint are offering incentives to employees to carpool. In an office of 100, assuming all drive cars with 5 seats, car sharing could potentially reduce the cars on the road by 80%.

Whether carpooling using an app or an informal arrangement between co-workers, this can be a great method for reducing a company’s emissions – as well as saving employees money on petrol and increasing social interaction to improve company morale.

Out With Fast Fashion

Many fashion companies are responding to the risking backlash against fast fashion by providing their users with ethically sourced or recycled clothing options.

Consumers want to see the fashion industry shift to more responsible practices. As well as traditional clothes shops, there has been a big rise in clothes swapping websites where users can trade or sell old clothes amongst themselves.

Mending clothes has also started to regain its popularity with countless online tutorials and resources available to those looking to get the most out of their clothing.

Working From Home

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on our lives we have seen a massive increase in employees working from home. This has caused a significant reduction in the amount of pollution caused by the daily commute.

Many businesses are choosing to reduce the amount of time employees spend in the office as a great way to mitigate the impact both of coronavirus and commuting emissions.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues we will likely see the number of people working from home increase. This is likely a change that is here to stay for many employers, as they see the benefit to employees from saving money on the daily commute to a better work-life balance and improved flexibility.

Cycle To Work Initiatives

Cycling instead of driving to work has many advantages. It’s a great way to stay fit, saves money on petrol, and reduces congestion and pollution, particularly in cities.  

The Green Commute Initiative has spearheaded the move into cycling instead of using cars or public transport to get to work. This scheme offers attractive benefits to prospective employers and can have a hugely positive impact on workers’ health and wellbeing. Huge numbers of employers are taking part in the scheme as a perfect way to reduce emissions and combat the coronavirus pandemic.  

Why Go Green?

Global warming remains one of the biggest threats facing the world. Businesses that go greener to help tackle climate change will see benefits ranging from saving money, better efficiency, and happier, more motivated employees and consumers.

Consumers are keen to engage with businesses that value the planet and can be seen to be doing good in the world. Studies have shown that consumers are 58% more likely to choose businesses that have a green focus. It is safe to say there’s never been a more profitable and ethical reason for your business to go green.