What does BREXIT hold for recruitment and career development?

By Anita Jaynes on 15 August, 2016

Career Directed Solutions (CDS) based in Bradford on Avon, is a specialist HR provider consulting with large organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

In this blog post Steve Thompson-Martyn, the firm’s managing director discusses the affects of BREXIT on recruitment and career development.

Brexit……………Steady as she goes!

Since the Brexit vote there has been a lot of commentary and a lot of volatility. This is a trend that we are likely to see over many months ahead as we move in to unchartered waters. The referendum campaign signalled to all that we were light on fact and that has been amplified since the decision to leave the EU.

At CDS we are focused on two of our distinct client groups; the community we work with who are seeking exciting new roles, and our coaching and mentoring clients, for whom we are supporting as they lead teams and businesses through ongoing change.

A month on from the historic UK vote to leave Europe, we take a look at the early impact the decision is having on the career and talent agenda. This is a snapshot only, but appears to be consistent from the views taken.

1. The initial bounce back has settled as we come to realise that this is going to be a slow process and a business as usual approach is critical to maintain momentum.

2. Early indications are that an already cautious hiring market has raised the level of caution further as we see certain roles pulled and other recruitment processes lengthen.

3. This is not just a UK issue , mainland Europe is also stop start as it has been all year as a variety of issues not least terrorism are having an impact on business and employment.

4. As companies take time to reflect, the number one fear is that decisions will be paused and momentum is lost. This is the biggest silent threat to the economy and ongoing talent market

5. We will see an increase in federal trade commission roles for those companies and sectors who need to change shape to mirror Brexit implications.

6. Importantly there seems to be a real determination to ensure that this decision is limited in its negative implications and we continue to face into the macro challenges that ongoing globalisation offers.

For more information on how Brexit may affect the people in your organisation contact Steve Thompson-Martyn by email: steve@careerds.co.uk or visit www.careerds.co.uk