Best tools to cut granite in 2023

By Anita Jaynes on 30 December, 2022

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Are you planning a renovation project in the new year? If so, have you decided which areas of your home you will renovate? The most popular places people tend to renovate are the bathroom and kitchen, both of which are popular areas of the house that homeowners and guests use the most.

Of course, the living room and bedrooms are also frequently used areas. However, these areas can easily be transformed with a new coat of paint and minor changes to the décor. With the bathroom and kitchen, a complete renovation can transform the overall appearance.

The costs for renovating a bathroom or a kitchen can vary depending on the plan for the space. Additionally, the labour hired to complete the work, appliances invested in and materials used are all factors that can influence the final costs. Of course, completing the work can help you keep costs low.

If you are planning on renovating areas of your home yourself, and are using granite materials for worktops or countertops, keep reading to find out the best tools to help you.

Compare All Options

Before you invest in any tools, ensure that you compare all options available. Each tool will have its advantages and disadvantages. Spend time reading about each granite tool available to help you make a more informed decision about the best option for you and your use for it. Additionally, it will be worth comparing prices and wholesalers for each tool. All sellers will likely offer tools at different prices but also vary in quality. Look at sites like to see the diverse selection of granite tools that they have available. Compare all the options available to ensure you invest in the best choices on the market. The right tools will make a noticeable difference in the work. It can help to save time and cut things quickly and efficiently, with minimal issues.

Circular Saw

Consider what you need the tools for. Deciding this will help you to save money on what tools you choose to invest in. For personal projects, circular saws might be the ideal choice. Circular saws are handheld which offers better control when cutting through granite. Circular saws are an excellent choice if you need to make more precise and clean cuts. It is also great for those with limited space in their home to store their tools. Additionally, it is possible to use the circular saw to cut through other materials.

Table Saw

Investing in a table saw can be essential if working on larger projects. They are helpful if time is limited and any cuts need to be completed quickly and efficiently. With a table saw, the blade can easily be swapped with a different blade. This means that if you need to cut any other materials, you can do so by switching the blades on your table saw. A table saw might be viewed as an investment. However, if you have many renovation projects planned, it could be worthwhile.

Diamond Circular Saw Blade

One blade that you might need for your table saw is a diamond circular saw blade. If you have larger pieces of granite that need to be cut, a diamond circular saw blade is the ideal choice, as it can cut through the granite hassle-free. Combining your diamond circular blade with your table saw, you can use the pairing to cut through any other materials you will use on a renovation project.

Preparing To Cut Granite

If this is the first time you have cut granite, reading a how-to guide on cutting it will be worthwhile. It could save time and money on resolving errors caused by inexperience in cutting granite. When cutting granite, key factors to keep in mind include ensuring that you wear safety gear and have the tools ready. Measure the granite for how much you want to cut to fit the countertop or worktop space. Once you know how much you wish to cut, mark it with painter’s tape to help determine where to cut. With your saw of choice, ensure it is prepared before cutting the granite. When you are ready to cut, do not force the saw. Instead, gently cut the granite. Forcing the saw to cut through the granite could increase the chances of problems arising.

In Summary

With the tools on hand and granite ready, avoid diving headfirst into this passion project. Using the knowledge and tools, you can begin cutting the granite you have purchased to create the countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or whichever way you intend to use it. Ensure that you prepare and plan your projects. Check what tools you need to help you complete the projects effectively and efficiently. Before you know it, the project will be completed, and you will have your newly renovated space.

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