AM to PM in lockdown with Nicki Kinton

By Anita Jaynes on 27 April, 2020

During COVID lockdown we’re reviving our AM to PM feature which delves into the lives and day-to-day diaries of members of our local business community. It’s great to be nosy and find out how others are coping, structuring their days and getting through these tricky times. 

In this post we put the spotlight on Nicki Kinton.

Nicki Kinton is the Owner Director of Swindon-based firm Confident Cashflow. Nicki works with SMEs to manage their credit control, helping them to get paid on time. Confident Cashflow will celebrate its third year in business at the end of May 2020.

5am – 6am – No alarm, I have a Bella (a 14 month Labrador / Malinois cross)! I let her out, grab a cuppa and check emails, social media and my to do list.

6am -7am – Feed Bella, try writing some content, which I find really difficult. Some days I’m on Zoom networking events for a couple of hours.

7am – 8am –Walking Bella. Before lockdown Bella would go to doggy daycare for three days a week so I’d get cracking with client work while I’m at my most productive!

8am – 9am – In from our walk and have a battle to get Bella to settle!

9am – 10am – Bring my laptop downstairs to work as my husband is in the office on his daily conference call. Don’t get much done as Bella is still demanding attention.

10am – 11 am – Bella finally settles down for a nap and I can make a start on work.

11am – 1pm – Zoom meetings (yay for Zoom keeping me connected), calls and client work.

1pm – 2pm – Bella play time – in the garden if it’s nice out.

2pm – 5pm – More Zoom, calls (I love talking to new people), managing emails and doing client work. Evicted from the office again!

5pm – 6pm – Husband walks Bella, so I have some time to myself to review my day.

6pm -10pm – Unwind with either Computer games, TV, Zoom with friends and family or reading.

10pm – Bed!

Nicki is launching a Cash Flow Essentials webinar in May for business owners to get focused so they can make informed decisions about their future. She’s also offering a 1-2-1 mini cashflow healthcheck, via Zoom, to offer bespoke advice. Email Nicki to find out more: 

Visit Confident Cashflow online at: