AM to PM in lockdown with Jane Evans

By Anita Jaynes on 23 April, 2020

During COVID lockdown we’re reviving our AM to PM feature which delves into the lives and day-to-day diaries of members of our local business community. It’s great to be nosy and find out how others are coping, structuring their days and getting through these tricky times. 

In this post we put the spotlight on Jane Evans.

Jane runs Jane Evans Consultancy Ltd based in Chippenham and is known as the Lasting Life Coach. She’s an expert in parenting and dealing with stress and anxiety. She set up her business ten years ago. She works with families in the UK and overseas. She’s also the leader of EVO business networking in Wiltshire. 

5.45 – 7.30am Early start if I have one of my Malaysian coaching clients as they are seven hours ahead. ALWAYS a cup of tea!

7.30 – 8.45am Prep myself emotionally and energetically for the day (unless I am leading an EVO business networking event online then I start at 7.45am). Practice 20 minutes of qi gong and 20 minutes of yoga from YouTube videos.

9.30 – 11.30am Online one to one coaching with a parent. 

12 – 12.30pm Lunch break in the garden

1 – 2.30pm Admin, recording live videos on my Facebook page for parents and Instagram to provide resources and ongoing insights and support

3 – 5pm Online one to one Coaching. Or running – How to develop your parenting EQ programme with parents in Malaysia (a project brought forward due to my working retreat there being postponed)

5 – 6pm Walk particularly focusing on what’s around me to keep me grounded and smiling at others to top up on some human contact (at a safe distance!)

6 – 7pm Dinner and catch up on social media posting, comments and finding content to share, or Facetime with family and friends.

8 – 10pm Running my Crisis to Calm Parent’s Coaching Programme which I created now, rather than later. As so many parents were reaching out in a state of overwhelm and despair. I do this five evenings a week for a group of up to 20 parents, giving them real understanding of what their children need and how to be the calm, kind, emotionally available parents they truly need and want to be. 

After Covid19 – I plan to continue offering my online group coaching programme and a further academy to continue the learning and support. I also expect to see an increase in requests for one to one coaching with parents once school starts. As many may struggle with their children’s anxieties about social contact and leaving their parents having had so much time with them. 

To find out more about Jane and her offering visit: and follow her on Twitter: @janeparenting2