AM to PM in lockdown with Fiona Scott

By Anita Jaynes on 22 April, 2020

During COVID lockdown we’re reviving our AM to PM feature which delves into the lives and day-to-day diaries of members of our local business community. It’s great to be nosy and find out how others are coping, structuring their days and getting through these tricky times.

In this post we put the spotlight on Fiona Scott.

Fiona Scott is a journalist who does PR and is also features writer for The Business Exchange. She lives with her husband Steve and their three children who are at home during this time. Sammie is 20 and usually at university, Georgia is 18 and is now not doing A levels and David who is 13 and being home-schooled. 

6.30am – our dog Jess will wake me for our early morning walk along the canal in Swindon. 

7.30am – have breakfast, check social media posts for business for the day and check that David knows what he’s doing for the day. We base it on his normal timetable if he was at school, unless he’s given something specific by one of his teachers which takes him outside of that routine. 

8.30am – adjourn to my new ‘office’ which is the caravan parked on the drive of our Swindon home. 

9.30am – start today’s writing tasks eg. writing up any articles outstanding for the Business Exchange, or conducting phone or webinar interviews. 

10.30am – More of the same, plus dealing with any calls which come in. 

11.30am – more of the same. 

12.30pm – quick break for lunch. 

1pm – 3pm webinar working with people who want to plan their content during lockdown. This is a paid service and can be a webinar I’ve arranged or I’m a speaker for another business which is running regular low cost webinars.  This has become very popular and attendees will spend between £10 and £45 to attend these webinars. Even if the webinar is one hour (and they often go over) the follow up will take me some time. 

4pm – send out news stories for the following day or brief my little freelance team on what has been done, what needs to be done and deadlines. This might be client social media planning, blog planning and writing or stories ready for sending to the media.  

5pm – checking the day’s to-do list and ticking off what’s been done, scheduling stuff that has come in which was unexpected and ensuring planning is done for the next day. Calling back those I could not get hold of earlier in the day. 

6pm – time to stop being a business owner and be a mum for a while. Chat with the family, prepare tea or ask the children which one of them is taking a turn at cooking. Catch up on the news via Channel 4 or the BBC. Eat. 

7pm – Before we lose the light, my husband and I will review our YouTube content (Beyond That Blue Door) and do a little filming, check over an edit, or record a couple of book reviews. Lately have been editing clients’ amateur clips as a value add. 

8pm – Watch tv or some kind of entertainment which we enjoy, by then the children are usually taking over the internet in their own rooms. I occasionally do a Facebook Live to check in with my contacts, especially at this time. 

9pm to 11pm – And relax. 

To find out more about Fiona and her offering visit: and follow her on Twitter: @theFionaScott