8 key benefits of using PVC curtains in your business

By Anita Jaynes on 18 November, 2020

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PVC is an often misunderstood material. Some people are under the impression that PVC is cheap and looks bad. However, PVC is actually a highly practical material that has numerous legitimate uses. Below are eight important benefits of installing PVC curtains in your business.


One of the critical benefits of PVC strip curtains is that they are incredibly cost-effective. PVC curtains will provide you with a cheap industrial barrier that is suitable for a wide range of business premises. If you are decorating your new business premises on a budget, PVC strip curtains are among the most effective money savers available.

If you would like to get a quote, you can do so by visiting this page about PVC strip curtains by https://www.discount-pvc-curtains.co.uk. Simply enter the dimensions of the curtains you need. You can also specify what type of PVC you want them made from, whether they are fixed or sliding curtains, and how you want them to overlap. Compared to the alternative industrial plastic curtains, PVC strip curtains are priced much more attractively.

Low Maintenance

Finding some reasonably priced high-quality curtains for your business is one thing, but you need to consider their ongoing maintenance. Heavy industrial doors form effective practical barriers within a business premises. However, they require ongoing maintenance. Anything with moving parts has the potential to breakdown; this includes doors. Equally, other types of curtains may be relatively low-maintenance, but most fabrics and other curtain materials are higher maintenance than the PVC alternatives.

PVC curtains cannot break down. They are also very easy to clean. You can simply wipe them down with a warm wet cloth every now and then to remove dust and dirt. 

Temperature Control

If your temperature rises or falls dramatically, it can create numerous problems for your business. From spoiled stock to uncomfortable workers, the impacts of poor temperature control can reverberate throughout your business operations.

PVC curtains are commonly used in fridge and freezer rooms because they are excellent insulators and effectively prevent heat loss. If you have any refrigerated areas in your business premises, PVC strip curtains can help you to maintain the appropriate temperature. 

Noise Isolation

Maintaining appropriate noise levels within your business is not quite as imperative as maintaining an appropriate temperature. However, an abundance of noise can hamper your workers’ productivity. PVC strip curtains effectively reduce noise without creating a significant physical barrier. In other words, you can use PVC curtains to limit the amount of noise coming from one part of your business without making it difficult for workers to move between areas.

Reduce Contaminants In The Air

Another common use for PVC curtains is as a barrier to prevent dust and smoke from circulating around a business. If you have machinery in a part of your business that is likely to generate contaminants and release them into the air, hanging some PVC curtains can significantly reduce the number of these contaminants floating throughout your business.

Remember, if you use air conditioning within your business and the air is full of contaminants, your air conditioning system can end up spreading them throughout the building you are in.

Reduce Pests

No matter where your business is located or how hard you try, you will never be able to eliminate pests entirely. Many pests are difficult if not impossible to see with the naked eye. Because of this, we often fail to notice them at all. 

PVC curtains are effective barriers against the pests most commonly found in the UK. If your business handles food, it is essential that you keep the preparation and storage areas as free from insects as you can. Strip curtains are an effective and cost-efficient means of doing so.


While PVC strip curtains form an effective barrier, they do not necessarily have to obstruct your viewpoint. Transparent PVC curtains will enable you to see what is on the other side without allowing noise or air contaminants to pass through freely. Hanging up opaque curtains throughout your business can make the premises feel much smaller and more claustrophobic. On the other hand, using transparent curtains as barriers ensures that your workers do not feel isolated or trapped.

Increased Comfort

The combined effect of controlling your business’s temperature and noise levels is a much more comfortable working environment for everyone. More comfortable workers are more productive workers. If you want them to give you their all, you need to give them a working environment conducive to hard work.

These are just some of the many benefits of using PVC strip curtains in your business. Few other materials combine all of these benefits into a single package.