4 Ways that staff e-learning courses can benefit your business

By Anita Jaynes on 10 March, 2022

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Whether you are a small or large business, there are many advantages to using staff e-learning courses to train and develop your employee’s skill set and encourage growth. This is especially important in a world where everything is going online or virtual. Below we look at 4 ways that staff e-learning courses can benefit your business. 

Minimise Training Costs

Staff training can be costly, especially when held in person. These days can often take valuable time away from your business and you still need to pay your employees for the hours they stayed in work to gain training. There are also additional costs to cover for staff lunches, printing, or room hire. 

E-learning can be done during quiet working hours and without the need to book a room or print information. These e-learning courses from iHASCO cover training in all sorts of industries, and are a cost-effective and straightforward way to deliver education to your employees. Their courses are also available in other languages if you have employees who would benefit from taking a course in their native language. 

Can Be Taken Anywhere

No matter where your employees are or what technology they have, they can access an e-learning course. Staff can complete e-learning before their first day, or take it home if they need extra time. For employers who hire remote workers or have a completely virtual office, e-learning is an easy and effective way to train all staff with the same curriculum and standards. 

Improve Productivity

E-learning takes no time to set up and can be delivered to staff straight away. This is a less disruptive way to train employees without hindering workflow or routines, which improves productivity whilst still delivering high-quality training. 

Employees want to develop their skills and e-learning can provide them with an opportunity to do this, in a way that works for them. It can be taken at any time and each employee can work at their own pace, meaning not as much time is lost for staff training. 

Easy Access To Updated Information 

As an employer, you need to remain up to date with any changes to business law and employee training. A great benefit of e-learning courses is that they are regularly updated as they need to be, to comply with changing regulations and laws within the UK. 

Your employees can easily access updated information and get the training that they need to keep themselves and your business compliant. E-learning courses will let you know when your staff need updates to their training too, as most learning should be delivered annually. When you already have enough on your plate with running your business, this is one less thing to worry about.

Staff e-learning courses can provide a cost-effective and easy way to train staff on important topics and maintain compliance with legal regulations within the UK. E-learning can be taken anywhere and is updated with relevant information, which ensures your staff will remain informed and productive whilst at work.