4 Ways that businesses can fill vacancies quickly 

By Anita Jaynes on 18 March, 2022

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Recruitment is a business process that is handled very differently between industries. But no matter whether your business is established or a start-up, you need to be able to replace employees who have either been fired, quit, or retired quickly so that those vacancies can be filled. 

Failure to do so can lead to difficulties within the business like understaffing, resulting in further complications such as decreased productivity, low morale, increased risk of workplace accidents or errors, and much more. 

Therefore, filling vacancies as quickly as possible is beneficial to your business so that these negatives cannot take effect. To achieve this, a time-efficient, streamlined recruitment process is critical; however, hiring the correct people is also essential. 

But balancing the two can be a complex dynamic to achieve, so we’ve created this article to outline several ways businesses can strive to fill their vacancies quickly and still find suitable candidates for your company. 

Increase Your Response Time

Businesses can strive to fill their vacancies quicker by reducing their response time to applicants. Usually, job seekers apply for several job roles during one sitting, so naturally, the company that responds to them the fastest will have the best chance of securing the applicant. 

Suppose responding companies aren’t responsive or don’t respond fast enough. In that case, it’s easy for their emails to get pushed further and further down into the depths of an applicant’s inbox by other more responsive companies until your company is forgotten about. 

Not to mention, if a candidate fails to hear from a company entirely or it takes ages for that company to respond, then that applicant is quite likely to remember the occasion and be less likely to apply to future listings from that company. 

Worst case scenario, it can leave a bad taste in the candidate’s mouth for a while, and they may deter others from applying based on their experience. Therefore, ensure that every person within your company who connects with potential applicants responds efficiently, as failure to do so can leave a lasting impression on your brand. 

Consider Outsourcing Recruitment 

Another way that businesses can strive to fill vacancies quicker is by outsourcing their recruitment process. This suggestion works particularly well for companies that are missing a stringent hiring process, don’t have qualified candidates to source in-house, lack interview metrics, or quite simply need positions filled as quickly as possible. 

Sometimes it’s best to leave some jobs to the professionals. When it comes to recruitment, outsourcing a professional marketing recruiter in London or surrounding areas is sometimes a company’s best bet. Enlisting the services of a marketing recruiter in London allows your business to take a step back and concentrate on more critical areas of business. At the same time, the recruiting firm does what they do best. 

From setting up interviews to streamlining applicants, your chosen recruitment company will cover all aspects of the recruitment process – leaving you with the simple task of interviewing the applicant. Not only does outsourced recruitment provide recruitment benefits, but it also helps companies stand out from their competitors, reduce costs, find more qualified candidates and much more. 

For more insight, consider contacting the team at Stopgap, a marketing recruiter in London that can handle all your business’s recruitment needs. Peruse their website for more information or follow their blog to keep up to date on more recruitment-related topics. Alternatively, consider contacting a staff member directly to discover how their services can help your business fill vacancies quicker today. 

Aim To Always Be Recruiting 

Starting the recruitment process from the beginning each time you want to increase your staff roster can be highly inefficient. Therefore, prevent wasted time by ensuring that your company is always open for recruitment, even if you have no positions available. 

We understand that this may sound strange, as typically, companies only recruit when they have positions waiting to be filled. Still, by keeping your applications open, you’ll have a line of potential applicants ready for picking. 

Doing so can reduce the time it takes your human resources department to fill these roles. Whenever a position becomes available, they can look at the applicants they have already and select suitable candidates without starting the process from scratch. 

Contemplate Hiring In-House 

Another way that businesses can strive to fill vacancies quickly is by hiring in-house instead of outsourcing or by asking existing staff members if they’d recommend anyone for the position. In-house hiring is often a preferred recruitment method, as businesses are more likely to receive quality recommendations than risk being blamed if the suggesting individual is not suitable. 

Not to mention, in-house hiring is much more cost-effective than doing the process yourself or outsourcing a recruitment agency. Start the in-house hiring process by offering the vacancy via an email thread stating the job role, description, requirements, etc., and ask interested staff to respond. Worst-case scenario, if you find that no one is putting themselves forward, you could consider offering an incentive, such as gift cards, day trips, or even hours in lieu.