YourParkingSpace offers Swindon businesses an additional revenue stream

By Anita Jaynes on 26 April, 2022

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Data analysis from shows that Swindon businesses have a turnover of the additional revenue stream by listing their empty bays on the website.

Parking in Swindon has traditionally been costly and hard to come by, with some commercial car parks charging in excess of £40 for a day’s parking close to the centre and retail areas. 

This demand for parking has given rise to businesses benefitting from a previously unrealised revenue stream – their vacant parking bays. Commercial office spaces, schools and hospitality venues alike are profiting from their workplace parking bays, which before now were lying empty for hours, days or weeks at a time.  

This revenue has been unlocked by renting out their unused spaces via online parking platform,, where drivers looking for a place to park in Swindon can search, book and park in an unused parking space. With their handy pricing and availability features, business owners need only rent out the bays when they’re free, such as during evenings and weekends, with drivers only able to book when the spaces are going to be sitting empty. 

Data shows that road traffic volumes in Swindon have now exceeded pre-Covid levels, with many commuters and shoppers choosing to drive into the town centre rather than using public transport. 

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace, said, “Commercial properties throughout every sector can benefit from renting out their unused parking assets, generating them an additional revenue stream from a previously unconsidered source. We’re seeing strong demand for parking in Swindon and are calling on businesses throughout Swindon to register their vacant spaces. Many of our existing business customers are finding it a very helpful way to generate an additional income stream at a time when business costs are rising rapidly.”

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