Things to consider when pursuing a career in HGV driving

By Anita Jaynes on 25 May, 2022

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Career changes should always give you pause. It’s important to be certain of what you wish to get out of the switch and your reasons for making it.

Even if you’re sure that the decision is right, it’s still important to give things more thought. That way, you can manage the change more effectively, set reasonable expectations, and ultimately make the most of the opportunity you have before you. 

There are many specific things to think about when it comes to a potential career in HGV driving. What will the job look like in a few years? How do other people perceive roles such as these? Which industry challenges are the most pressing? Will this role speak to the type of person I am?

Find out the answers to these questions and more down below.

You May Have a Supervisory Role

Technology is changing almost every industry out there today. Roles are being redefined. As an HGV driver, the parameters of your job could evolve in the next few years. 

After all, while self-driving trucks are being developed, it’s expected that these technologies won’t replace drivers. Instead, it’s speculated that the driver will become a supervisor. Their responsibilities might include:

  • Undertaking crucial maintenance work mid-journey should the HGV vehicle breakdown. 
  • Engaging with authorities if the HGV vehicle is involved in a motor accident. 
  • Assuming control of the vehicle to perform more complex manoeuvres.

Of course, this is all just conjecture. There’s no confirmation that self-driving chucks are a permanent fixture on the roads, with numerous safety standards needing to be met first. Still, this technology is receiving a lot of interest and investment, and it could be worth contemplating further if your HGV driving aspirations are more long-term. 

There are Misconceptions

It’s important to understand what trucking is and what it isn’t in equal measure. Having reasonable expectations of the career you’re hoping to enter is vital. 

For example, you might worry about whether your driving would cause great harm to the environment. Read more about HGVs and fuel efficiency with Easy As HGV. Know that these vehicles can’t be revved to deplete fuel due to being automatic. You can also learn more about the fuel consumption rates and how they’re carefully measured to minimise waste. 

Simple assurances can let you know that you’d be doing more good than harm in your role. You can feel better about pursuing these opportunities and feel more confident once you acclimatise yourself to the role. 

It’s worth remembering that there are many misconceptions about job opportunities today. Pessimism seems to be in a larger supply than optimism, too. Don’t listen to the hearsay of others and mine for the truth with reputable and informative resources instead.

There is a Driver Shortage

Some misconceptions can have a big impact sooner or later. If people don’t unravel the lies, then a career in HGV driving won’t seem viable to them. 

It’s hard to find success in a crowded career path due to competition. However, you’re unlikely to have this experience when pursuing a career in HGV driving. There are many reasons for the truck driver shortage, such as drivers retiring early or the workforce being stereotyped. Despite the job being somewhat liberating for the travel-ready go-getter, it’s not coming across that way to everyone. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that your interest in the career would likely be rewarded. You’re not just wanted but needed, and that means getting your foot in the door should be somewhat easier. Additionally, you may feel a deeper connection to your work under these circumstances, bestowed with great purpose. To feel like your work makes a real difference in many lives can be a privilege in itself, motivating you further. 

Trucks are the product of a lucid society. If they are moving, business is booming, and people are getting the goods and supplies they crucially desire. In the end, your role would be essential, and not everybody can say that about their line of work. 

Driving is Often Very Fun

The fact that driving can be enjoyable is a simple point, but it shouldn’t be underappreciated. After all, not everybody has the luxury of loving their jobs, but HGV drivers are perhaps more likely to find a sense of fun and fulfilment in what they’re doing. 

Long-distance travel can be tiring, but it also allows you to see and experience new places. Compared to being couped up in an office space with a manager micromanaging everything you do, it’s easy to see why the appeal of HGV driving can be so strong. There can be a sense of freedom, despite the nature of your journey being pre-determined. 

There’s plenty of opportunity for rest while on the road. You’ll pull into laybys, stop at service stations, and ultimately find moments to take in the extent of your travel. Depending on the type of person you are, you’ll be able to profoundly reflect on everything you’re achieving and experiencing at multiple points.