Suzuki SX4 S-Cross – A Surprise Package

By Geoff Maxted on 1 November, 2014

These days the SUV – or Crossover – seem to be the must-have vehicle for family use, yet they also have a value as a sensible business choice as I found with the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross in top-of-the-range SZ5 trim.

Interested parties can get this car in one of four grades and trim levels with a choice of two engines: a Fiat derived 1.6L turbo-diesel or an in-house 1.6L petrol unit. Buyers can choose between two-wheel drive or – a must, I reckon – the AllGrip four-wheel option. Suzuki have this 4×4 business sorted I believe and it turns what could be seen as just another regular family crossover in the ever- growing pack of similar offerings into something much more versatile.

It’s no mud-plugger obviously, but for sure-footed peace of mind in our sometimes challenging winter driving conditions on our ‘craters of the moon’ roads, it is worth stumping up for the extra costs involved. There are four driver selected options available. The car will run normally as a two-wheel front driver in Auto, but this can be shifted on the fly into Sport mode which engages the rear wheels and slightly boosts engine performance (you can feel the extra 500rpm kick in).

When the going gets tougher or when the dreaded white stuff makes an unwelcome appearance then the beleaguered driver can switch to the Mud/Snow option which enhances traction and stability. Finally, the Lock mode distributes high torque to the rear wheels continually, ideal for extricating the car from deeper snow and the like. It’s a good system, it is easy to use and it works.

Our featured car was fitted with the diesel engine. Setting off, acceleration is a bit pedestrian as you’d expect and, if I’m honest, a tad grumbly in operation but once you get it rolling it’s fine and indeed feels very willing to crack on. When the car was delivered it had achieved 61.9mpg thanks obviously to some smooth driving in 2WD mode. That’s good. On my road-test however no car is allowed any slackness or back-sliding – they have to work. The SX4 nevertheless still managed to achieve a splendid 50mpg on average whilst still only coughing up a modest 114g/km of emissions. For business users BIK is 18%.

The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross really is good to drive; for drivers with many miles to travel, that’s crucial. The ride quality impressed as did the lack of roll in corners. The boot is big and very adaptable with a false floor and a space-saver spare. Inside, I found the seats comfortable, with tons of legroom front and back, and the driving position adaptable.

The featured car, fully loaded, costs £22,720 and there are deals available. For what you get that’s very good value.

Geoff Maxted

Motoring Correspondent