Pebley Beach one of first places to see new Hyundai N

By Anita Jaynes on 27 December, 2017

Swindon car dealership Pebley Beach is one of the first in the UK to be able to demonstrate the power of the new Hyundai i30 N to customers.

The high-performance N brand will be officially launched in the UK on January 4, and is capable of taking on rivals including the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Honda ivic Type R, and Ford Focus RS.

Hyundai’s first hot hatch has been engineered by the Korean manufacturer’s dedicated High Performance Vehicle Division, led by Albert Biermann – the man behind BMW’s iconic M motorsport brand.

The N moniker stands for both Namyang – Hyundai Motor’s global R&D Centre in Korea where i30 N was born – and for the Nürburgring, home to Hyundai Motor’s European Test Centre where the i30 N was further developed and tested.

The i30 N is available in two specifications: i30 N, priced from £24,995 on the road, and i30 N Performance, at £27,995.

The N offers LED head and tail lights, keyless entry, touchscreen satellite navigation, and an array of performance equipment, including 18-inch alloy wheels, electronically controlled suspension, and 17-inch ventilated front brake discs with 16-inch rear and manually operated hand brake.

The i30 N Performance offers additional performance-specific equipment, including 19-inch alloy wheels, an additional 25PS of power, electronic limited slip differential, and 18-inch ventilated front brake discs with 17-inch rear.

The i30 N Performance also adds interior equipment, including leather and suede seats with electrical operation on the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Both are powered by a turbocharged 2.0 litre T-GDI engine and are capable of hitting 62mph in 6.1 seconds and reaching speeds of up to 155mph.

Drivers can choose from five individual drive modes: eco, normal, sport, N and N custom settings – offering 4,000 different combinations – which can be activated by using the two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel. Cycling through the modes adjusts the car’s damping harshness, engine responses and exhaust volume.

What Car called the i30N “a well equipped hot hatch with sublime handling” which offers “far more toys than its rivals”, while Evo said it represented: “a lot of car for the money”. Auto Express called it “a cracker” and “deeply impressive”.

Top Gear said “it establishes the N brand as both surprisingly sporting and assertive.” And Autocar said: “Hyundai has pulled off some feat in delivering a car that feels so intuitive and enjoyable – not to mention heroically fast when the moment arises – and yet will happily play shopping cart when necessary.”

Dominic Threlfall, managing director of Pebley Beach, said: “We are incredibly excited about the arrival of Hyundai’s first high-performance model under the N line-up.

“As well as the great value that our customers expect, the i30 N offers advanced technology and a high level of driver customisation – meaning it can play the role of comfort-oriented commuter as well as race track-ready performance car.”

Pictured above: Pebley Beach sales executive Steve Gray with the new Hyundai 130N