IT expert warns Wiltshire businesses about major changes to the MOT system

By Anita Jaynes on 17 July, 2015

The boss of Wiltshire’s Systemagic is warning garages across the south west to upgrade their IT systems or risk losing customers.

James Eades, believes some garages may not be prepared for major changes by the Government around the MOT system. The changes are designed to update and simplify MOT processes and improve road safety and test quality.

The reality for many small businesses is they will need to ensure their own IT and broadband service is ready to cope with the new system. They will no longer be given equipment by the DVSA to achieve this – which previously the organisation has replaced and maintained.

James said: “You, as a tester, will be responsible for your IT equipment, internet connection and printer if they go wrong. You’ll also be expected to ensure your systems are secure, protected and maintained.”

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is modernising the MOT service and from the end of September will no longer provide IT equipment allowing garages and MOT testing stations to upload data to the national system.

Responsibility for IT equipment, internet connections and printers will move from the DVSA to authorised examiners or AEs.

James said: “If you don’t have the right IT equipment, internet connection and printer – or they stop working – you won’t be able to process MOTs.”

AEs will need to ensure their desktop or laptop computers meet the minimum specification of a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of memory and 20GB of hard drive space. To access and run the new service they will need a minimum of 0.5Mb internet speed.

James said: “Relevant businesses need to look seriously at adding Enhanced or Premium Care onto their broadband service to ensure a guaranteed response should the service develop a fault.

“It’s also important computers run a compatible and secure browser and as well having a printer good enough for the job as printing of MOT certificates is down to the AEs.”

To help MOT testing stations during this transition Systemagic has put together a one-stop package for broadband, antivirus and system support.

Systemagic has been part of the IT  community in the south west for 15 years and James  lives in Trowbridge with his family. The team provide support and maintenance as well as broadband and internet connectivity, cloud services including online back-up and hosted exchange.

Anyone concerned about how the new MOT system might affect their business can contact Systemagic on 01225 426800 or email

Pictured above: James Eades, managing director of Systemagic