Hydrogen car from Swindon on display at Glasgow Airport for COP26

By Ben Carey on 5 November, 2021

World leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference had the opportunity to look over a hydrogen-powered car supplied by Swindon dealer Pebley Beach.

The Hyundai Nexo was displayed in the departures lounge of Glasgow Airport, allowing delegates to find out more about hydrogen power while waiting to board their planes home. 

The Nexo uses hydrogen to power an electric motor, using fuel cells developed by another Swindon-based company, Johnson Matthey. 

The SUV, which emits nothing more harmful than water, is fitted with an advanced air purification system that actually cleans the air as it drives, removing 99.9 per cent of particles from the air around it. 

Pebley Beach supplied the vehicle to British chemicals giant Ineos, which last year launched a clean hydrogen business to accelerate its own drive towards net zero carbon emissions. The firm has struck a branding deal with Glasgow Airport to have its name all over the terminal.

The car was wrapped in Ineos branding by another Swindon company, Smart Designs, before being driven to Glasgow for the global conference. 

Dominic Threlfall, Managing Director of Pebley Beach, said it was an excellent opportunity to discuss hydrogen-powered motoring with policy makers from around the world, including those from the UK.

He said, “It was a good opportunity to promote Swindon’s place at the forefront of the UK’s hydrogen revolution. Hopefully the world leaders will wake up to how important hydrogen will be in helping all nations to hit their carbon reduction targets. Hydrogen power is not the only solution, but it is an important part of the mobility mix.

“We’re very lucky with Hyundai as a partner, leading the way with not only hydrogen, but also electric vehicles.”