How Nurses Can Reduce the Cost of Commuting to and from Work

By admin on 31 August, 2020

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As a nurse, you might often feel overworked and underpaid – but the rewarding nature of the job and the fact that you’re able to help people every single day probably makes it all worth it for you. However, being able to save money on your regular expenses is always nice. If you regularly drive to work, chances are that you are paying out a lot in transport costs. Whether it’s insurance, petrol, car parking fees, MOTs, repairs or tax, there always seems to be something else that you need to pay out when you drive. Here are some options to consider if you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on getting to and from work in your car. 

Consider Switching Insurance Provider

If your car insurance is due for renewal soon, don’t just go with the same company again. While it might be the most convenient option, renewing with the same car insurance company is not usually the cheapest way of doing things. You might find it useful to specifically look for car insurance for nurses because some providers will offer you cheaper quotes simply because you are a nurse. 

Park Somewhere Else

While nurses enjoyed free on-site parking during the coronavirus crisis in the UK, sadly, this isn’t set to continue. And, parking your car at the hospital for your shift can be a complete rip-off. It might be worth looking into any cheaper parking options nearby. There are several ideas to choose from – you might park on the road close to work if there is a free parking area available, or look for people who are renting out space on their driveway, which can often be much cheaper and safer compared to using a work car park. 

Keep Your Car in Good Repair

Making sure that your car is serviced regularly and that any minor issues are seen as quickly as possible will ensure that they don’t become bigger and more costly problems. You should aim to get your car to the garage for a full service around once per year, and it can be useful to go for an interim service or a winter service in the colder months too, to ensure that your car is ready to be driven every day in the winter. Simple things like making sure that the filters are cleaned and that your oil is changed regularly can keep your car running better for longer and reduce your risk of MOT failure

Driving to and from work every day is common for many nurses, but the cost of doing so can quickly add up. From shopping around for cheaper insurance to investing more in keeping your car in the best shape, there are several things that you can do to reduce the cost of being on the road.