Heavy MAN recovery trucks for Sochi

By Anita Jaynes on 8 February, 2014

Swindon based MAN Truck & Bus has delivered nine TGS 8×4 chassis for heavy recovery vehicles, which have been put into service in the Russian city of Sochi- currently hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. With the expansion in infrastructure in the region on the Black Sea coast, the demands for a well-functioning traffic flow have also increased.

The four-axle, 480 hp MAN trucks will help to quickly remove obstructions to traffic, such as heavy accident vehicles. The 41-tonners are designed to tow buses, trucks and heavy trailers. Two steel cable winches for recovery have a drag force of up to 53 tonnes.

The new TGS towing trucks will also be used to keep public transport running smoothly in the city. This is particularly significant at the moment and the Sochi bus fleet has been significantly expanded. Even low-floor buses with little ground clearance can be towed by the MAN TGS. Its main boom together with a low rider at the rear of the truck is able to lift 31 tonnes.

After implementation in Sochi, the trucks with the characteristic lion on the radiator grille, and bodys built by the Russian company V-Kran, will be used as heavy towing vehicles for public transport operations all over Russia.