BMW MINI invests significant amount to secure Swindon plant jobs

By Anita Jaynes on 18 February, 2014

Swindon’s BMW MINI car plant will see a significant boost in production, it was announced today.

Manufacturing is being stepped up to support BMW’s new factory in Holland. The Nedcar plant in The Netherlands has been contracted to help cope with increased demand globally and will be building the new MINIs in their factory in Born.

BMW Group said the VDL Nedcar site was favourable in terms of logistics and its proximity to the UK Mini production network with its locations in Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall.

Member of the BMW Group Board Dr. Klaus Draeger commented: “Contract production is a vital flexibility tool for us, and our experience gathered over the past ten years has been nothing but positive. Splitting production of the new MINI Hatch between the UK and Born will give our global production network additional leeway. We appreciate the reliable, open and trustful cooperation with our Dutch partner, VDL Nedcar,”

This is an important step for BMW MINI in the implementation of their global growth strategy. MINI has a sales target of over two million vehicles by 2016,  the BMW Group is currently expanding its overall production capacity.

BMW Swindon will supply body panels and sub-assemblies to the Dutch factory. The Swindon plant has received millions of pounds of investment in the last few years, securing its position as a world-class manufacturer.