BMW 4 Series: remains “The Drivers’ Choice”

By Geoff Maxted on 24 June, 2017

The BMW 4 Series has been refreshed with revised styling, an upgraded cabin and new interior features.

On a brief launch drive in the regular coupé, the revised suspension and handling capabilities are clearly enhanced yet it is as comfortable a cruiser as ever. On the road, The 4 Series offers superior straight-line stability and steering characteristics with an extremely agile nature. Although the suspension has been revised BMW felt there was no need for more extensive performance-enhancing modifications. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Originally launched in June 2013, the 4 Series has been a worldwide best seller. Of the three variants available, the Gran Coupé has accounted for some fifty per cent of global sales, while the Coupé and Convertible make up around twenty-five per cent each.


The new models incorporate an improved standard specification that includes twin LED fog lights and headlights, an LED rear light cluster within overall sharper dynamics including elements such as a large air intake with eye-catching bars.

The good news though is that it is not just the styling that has been enhanced, the chassis has been updated too. All three models now have a lower centre of gravity courtesy of a wider track, revised suspension as mentioned and, to keep everything on the straight and narrow, improved traction control capabilities.

Which ever model is selected, be it in SE, Sport or M Sport guise the crisp contours alternate with expansive surfaces to create a broad contoured appearance. The headlights have a familiar silhouette: flat-bottomed headlight tubes encircled by daytime running light rings, along with a dynamic cropped look, produced by the characteristic ‘eyebrow’ design. The defining feature at the front of the new BMW 4 Series is an unbroken central air intake with an aperture that increases in size towards the outer edges, adding a more imposing presence and greater sense of width to the entire nose section. In the flesh, it really is a striking car.

As seen by many when it sweeps by, the rear end of the BMW 4 Series has a low, sporty look that follows the lead of the front-end styling, with the bold horizontal lines and elongated design of the rear light clusters helping to make the muscular wheel arches stand out (the widest point of the BMW 4 Series body is at the rear wheels, just as it should be). Power is derived from the usual mix of four and six cylinder diesel and petrol engines delivering plenty of scope to opt for efficiency or power.


Moving inside the new BMW 4 Series range, there’s an array of upgraded details add to the cabin’s really quite exclusive and high-quality feel.

The air-conditioning and audio controls in the BMW 4 Series models are now bordered by chrome. The centre console makes an even more elegant impression, thanks to its high-gloss black cover panel, while new double stitching for the dashboard over the instrument panel accentuates the interior’s driver-focused geometry.

The ‘just-the-right-size’ sports steering wheel, fitted as standard in the BMW 4 Series, features a new rim wrapped in high-quality leather, with a modified lining that offers the driver an even better grip.

A wider choice of 18” and 19” light-alloy wheels exclusive to the new 4 Series are also now available. A choice of four new designs means there is even greater scope customers to customise the sporty, elegant exterior. Customers can also option the familiar XDrive 4×4. BMW: Still a favourite drivers’ car.

Geoff Maxted, Drivewrite