Purple Lime welcomes new recruit during lockdown

By Anita Jaynes on 2 July, 2020

Technology-driven accountancy firm Purple Lime has welcomed their new office manager Julia Halliday during lockdown. 

Julia was appointed to her role prior to lockdown in March however when she went into her workplace for the first time it involved working virtually in an office at home from day two. 

“It’s been both challenging and amazing,” said Julia, who lives in Calne. 

“Who could have expected my new role with the Purple Lime team to coincide with a pandemic and the challenges that came along. However, I’m now part of a resilient team who have all been very helpful and supportive as I learn a new way of working and getting to know everyone.”

Purple Lime has an office based in the beautiful setting of Hartham Park, in Corsham, and the company ethos has always been one of flexibility allowing team members to work from home if they need to on occasion.

Director Oli Thomas said, “Working from home is something we are all used to at Purple Lime as we’re set up for it. Technology and the efficiencies it offers to us and to our clients has always been at the heart of the business. 

“However even for us, it’s been a learning journey to be at home for the last three months – and also to welcome a totally new team member in Julia. We’re very impressed by her enthusiasm for being part of our team and the way in which she’s hit the ground running.”

Julia’s role within the business will be to oversee the company’s systems and processes in the office or remotely, onboard new clients and new staff and manage the company’s marketing budget.  

Julia, being part Irish part Armenian, is well travelled and during her childhood lived in countries including the United States, China, Russia and Ireland, mainly because her father Conor O’Clery was a journalist with the Irish Times for more than 30 years and set up bureaus in several countries over the span of his career. Unsurprisingly, Julia continues to be a keen traveler today. 

She joins the team of ten and is part of Purple Lime’s plan for growth. The company was set up in December 2016 by founders Oli Thomas and Angela Ashworth. Angela announced last month that she will now be taking a backseat role in the firm, with Julia taking on some of Angela’s responsibilities. Today their clients include Sunhouse Creative Ltd – a brand design agency in Bath, MEI – a charity whose income is used to support mathematics education based in Trowbridge, Corium Health Ltd – a developer of cosmeceutical products. 

They work with clients who embrace smart technology, want a digital platform for their finance department working with an efficient, dynamic and data led accountancy practice. Purple Lime are also Silver Champion Partners with the accountancy software giant Xero.

To find out more about Purple Lime visit www.purplelime.uk.com

Pictured above: Julia Halliday the newly-appointed office manager, who lives with her family in Calne.