O’Brien Media appoints specialist as clients seek post-pandemic recovery

By Ben Carey on 5 November, 2021

Swindon-based digital agency O’Brien Media has appointed a new Business Specialist to help customers in their post-pandemic recovery efforts.

Dylan Fernandez has joined the team and will help clients to understand their digital marketing options as the region’s economy seeks a return to ‘normality’.

Chris Grant, Head of Design and Development at O’Brien Media, said, “I’m thrilled to welcome Dylan to the team. As our first hire since Covid began to wreak havoc on a global scale, we wanted someone who understood not only the digital options available to customers but also the benefits of face-to-face communication.”

“We didn’t just want a salesperson, we wanted someone who could advise our customers on the best options for them to aid their recovery as the Swindon economy gets back on its feet. Dylan was an obvious choice with his in-person sales background and understanding of social media and communications technologies.”

O’Brien Media has vast experience in the digital marketing space and is well known in the Swindon area with partnerships with many leaders in the industry. By using this knowledge and expertise, the O’Brien Media team is seeking to help deliver the digital dreams of retailers both regionally in Swindon and Wiltshire, and nationally.

Dylan Fernandez said, “It’s an exciting time for the world of digital marketing, making this role a stimulating one especially in these unprecedented times. I’m enjoying using my experience to expand local and national businesses’ understanding of how to utilise their digital presence to enhance sales and brand awareness.

“Currently the position has had its challenges due to Covid-19, but I stay hopeful of restrictions-easing giving Swindon companies more faith in business returning back to a profitable state for them. I’m excited to work on expanding O’Brien Media through partnerships, and our customers’ businesses through the relevant digital channels.”