How to prepare for your new job

By Anita Jaynes on 15 August, 2022

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Starting a new job can be both an exciting and scary time for anyone. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the smoother it will go. Here are some top tips on how to prepare yourself for starting a new job.

Plan your route to work

Chances are your new job is going to be in a different location to your current one. This may mean a different commuting time, different levels of traffic, or even a different mode of transport. Making sure you have planned your new route to work will make your first day considerably less stressful. If you now need to drive to work, you may be looking into purchasing a car. To keep costs low, consider looking into used cars but be sure to go for something reliable, for example, look into used ds automobiles cars for sale. Be sure to enquire about the parking facilities at your new workplace too. If you are going to be traveling via public transport, familiarise yourself with the timetable and consider the reliability and frequency of the transport when deciding what time to leave for work.

It may be that your new role includes no commuting at all and that you are going to be working from home full time. If this is the case and you haven’t worked from home before, take some time to set up somewhere in your home as a working space. This doesn’t have to be a dedicated room if you don’t have the space but working from your bed or the sofa is not advised if you can avoid it.

Re-vamp your work-wear wardrobe

As well as a new route to work, your new role may mean a different dress code. Before your first day, it can be handy to contact someone at your new company and ask what the dress code/ office etiquette is. Many companies have relaxed their approach to this post-pandemic so it’s a good idea to get to grips with it before starting. Chances are you will be able to wear lots of things you have in your wardrobe already, but you may be required to purchase some additional pieces. 

Again, if you are working from home there is still prep you can do here too. It can be very tempting to work from your pyjamas all day when you work from home, but for better work-life separation it is advisable to get changed. This doesn’t mean sitting at home in trousers and a blazer but be sure you have some comfy options available. Remember, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean no one will see you, you may often be on video calls, so it is still important to look presentable. 

Background research

Now you’ve covered the logistics of starting a new job, it’s time to do some background research. It’s highly likely that you already did some of this before applying or during the interview process, but it is handy to give yourself a refresh. Company history and current client base are good places to start. It is also useful to re-read your job description to re-familiarise yourself with what is expected from you.

Being prepared should help you start the role in the best way possible, good luck!