Life-changing stroke inspires Chippenham man to impart knowledge

By Ben Carey on 24 March, 2023

A Chippenham-based mentor has created a new service focused on the mindset and mental health of men.

Driven by his experience of re-evaluating life following a stress-related stroke, Eric Couturier believes a lot of men in mid-life are unhappy, overworked and highly stressed.

His new service aims to support them to help turn their lives around in a positive way.

Eric said, “There is something really broken today in the minds of a great many middle-aged men, in particular. They are depressed, they are burnt out and they can’t recognise or admit their challenges or move past mental barriers.

“The stats bear it out. Men often have unhealthy behaviours to cope and frequently, the problems are hidden in their minds. I have created a programme called Mind & Habits that will help men recognise the root of their problems and overcome them, so they develop a positive mindset.”

Eric was motivated to create the initiative after making lifestyle changes during recovery from a stroke in his forties, which was suspected to be brought on by stress. It was the catalyst for his own reinvention and gave him the idea for the supportive programme.

He explained, “I had a stroke several years ago and it was because I was over-stressed with work, I didn’t sleep and I didn’t stop for a second, I didn’t have balance and it was not a happy place. The doctor told me I was too young to be in a stroke ward and I had to make choices because next time I would not be so lucky. I changed my mindset and my approach to life, I turned it around and found a method to think and live differently for the better. I want to do that for other men who find themselves disillusioned or burnt out, even if they are successful on the outside.”

Using his 25 years of experience in coaching, Eric is hoping to help people to find their happiness.

He added, “Ultimately, I want people who work with me to achieve their dreams, the ones that they never got around to, or the ones they can’t find a pathway to achieve. I think we all deserve to be happy and that’s my message and why I am doing this. I specifically work well with men because I have an understanding of the kind of experience they go through and need to fix. We are all going to die one day, I came very close to that truth when I had a stroke, so working out how to make the most of every hour to be happy, till that fateful day arrives, is what we all need to do.”